Vlog 46- Leon during Holy Week A GREAT TIME TO VISIT!

The heart of León is its Central Park with the adjacent cathedral, and the most important sights are within a 10-minute walk from there. From the perspective of Central Park, the bustling commercial area of the city is in the northeast quadrant, where banks, most stores, the two municipal markets behind the cathedral and the church of San Juan, respectively, as well as many hotels and restaurants are located.

This is also where the main bus station is located, serving all destinations except the Pacific Ocean beaches. The more quiet cultural part of the city is in the northwestern and southwestern quadrants, and here you will find the university, the municipal theatre, the cultural centre, the park of the poets, the old monastery and the majority of the museums. The southeastern quadrant is home to the hospital, and it is the least interesting quadrant from a tourist perspective. The major exception to this general outline is a cluster of bars and restaurants one block west of Central Park.

León is a university town, filled with students. It has fewer tourists than Granada, but backpackers, volunteers and other extranjeros meld more with the locals compared to its colonial rival. During Holy Week, León and the surrounding beaches of Las Peñitas and Poneloya fill up with Nicaraguans and foreigners.

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