Vlog 44-Fireworks in Leon Nicaragua

As it is already a tradition during the Marian and Christmas festivities and New Year’s celebrations, thousands of children, young people, adults and entire families light up the happiness of their neighbourhoods or communities, with fireworks or pyrotechnics that can be heard or seen in our Nicaraguan skies, deafening with shrieks and explosions everywhere.

Central America is a region that has deeply rooted ancestral traditions. Depending on the time of the year, life, the dead, the saints, and the harvest are celebrated. Central American traditions include festivities that combine indigenous and Spanish influences, religious festivities, civic festivities and popular festivities. Each city or town also has its own local festivities, with some distinctive factors specific to each community. Central American popular religiosity revolves around the saints, who are perceived as intercessors between human beings and God. A rich tradition has grown around the celebration of patron saints, with solemn religious festivals loaded with popular cultural expressions.

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