Vlog 26 Waterfalls and Zipline “CASCADA LUNA” in Matagalpa

The charm of this place is its three waterfalls that are about 50 meters high and on occasions, a small rainbow is created in the dam formed by the waterfalls. In addition, visitors can canopy diagonally to the waterfall. The cost of this activity is 100 córdobas for national tourists and 200 córdobas for foreigners.

You can also go kayaking, hiking and rappelling. The first activity costs 20 córdobas for half an hour. However, foreigners will pay 60 córdobas. Hiking and rappelling cost 150 córdobas for nationals and 250 for foreigners. And if you are interested in hiking and canopy, ask for the package that includes both activities and costs 200 córdobas for nationals and 400 córdobas for foreigners.

Cascada La Luna is located near kilometers 170 of the highway to La Dalia, in La Dalia, in Matagalpa, exactly from the Fuente de Vida church, 100 meters west, 50 meters north. There are tour operators that offer packages from Managua. One of them is Nica Road, their packages cost between 28 and 30 dollars. Includes transportation, breakfast, lunch, and snacks. The price varies depending on the activities you are going to do

It is an excellent destination for mountain tourism, for activities such as kayaking, pedal boating, a dip in the dam, rappelling, and hiking along the trails.

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