Vlog 11 – How is the Health Care in Nicaragua? Is it Good or Bad?

In this vlog 11, I discuss my first-hand experience of health care in Nicaragua and the various tests I had to take So this is Health Care in Nicaragua. Is it Good or Bad?

Well, to sum up, our opinion we are very satisfied with the medical treatment, and all the tests we have received to date. We have been to Vivian Pellas Hospital, Hospital Militar, and Hospital Bustamante. We are pleased by the results, overall service, and costs.

In the video we will be discussing my medical treatment prior to the surgery at Hospital Militar and why I selected the Hospital Militar in Managua versus Vivian Pella Hospital.

So here you have the chance to view vlog 11 from a recent visit to the hospital in Managua and we will discuss also some of the costs associated with my medical treatment.
How is the health care in Nicaragua