Vlog 10 – Lifestyle and Expectations

This is a new Vlog number 10 in this vlog we will discuss Lifestyle and Expectations and you will be meeting my wife Ghislaine Sieveking and business partner.

In this vlog, we will discuss why it’s so important that you need to understand the type of lifestyle you will be seeking when you move temporarily or permanently to Nicaragua.

The best way to discuss this is to use us as an example, we wanted to find a country where we could reinvent real estate, and find a location where we could be away from all the hustle and expat activity so we could spend more time as a couple and do activities, and hopefully have a dog or two.

We ended up checking several areas from San Juan Del Sur to Leon and many places in between. We ended on a farm near Catarina and found complete happiness and the ability to grow our own vegetables, and fruit and now we have a small family of kids – our 6 lovely dogs that keep us company and provide security.

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Lifestyle and expectations living in Nicaragua