Vlog 15 – Cost of Owning a Car in Nicaragua

In Vlog 15 we will be discussing the Cost of Owning a Car in Nicaragua. The data point that we will be using for this discussion is a Suzuki Vitara 2017 that currently has over 140,000 km.

We review the cost of oil change and how this has gone up in recent months, the increase was almost double from Auto Master, so we found another service provider for USD20 cheaper. And discuss our overall cost of maintaining a car here in Nicaragua. For most expats a car is not needed, public transportation from chicken bus to taxi and moto taxi will work, but for our business that would be almost impossible.

We go to a service provider to be able to provide records to the buyer when we sell the car, this is one way to maintain the value of the car. Of course, one can save at least 40 plus dollars a change if one uses a local street vendor, but like I said oil and maintenance records are important.

So if you are interested in knowing our operating cost of a car in Nicaragua, see vlog 15 – the cost of owning a car in Nicaragua.

Cost of owning a car in Nicaragua