Vlog 12 Living in Nicaragua – My Experience in a Nicaraguan Hospital

So here we are at Vlog 12 here we will discuss my operation and Experience in a Nicaraguan Hospital.

To sum up this vlog my experience at Hospital Militar was a solid A, I would recommend using this Hospital and at the same time, I am appreciative that I received the best care possible. Why was I at Hospital Militar I had a problem with my heart and blood flow so the medical team advised me that we needed immediate surgery to place a stent in one of my main blood vessels – the right side of my heart. All I can say I was surprised that I had to be awake thru the operation. And we, Ghislaine, and I had no concern about the medical team’s ability to perform this operation.

So if you are interested in knowing more about my operation and medical treatment please watch Vlog 12.

My experience in a Nicaraguan hospital