Education Plus October 2020 Newsletter

Dear Friends and Family,

Education Plus plans on restarting classes as of November 2!  Classes will be staggered so we have no more than 40 students at the program at one time, and all children will be provided with face masks, shields and disinfectant. 

We are also currently building a computer lab in order to teach basic computer skills to all of our students. We still need to raise $3,500 to purchase 10 computers.  If you would like help with this long-term-impact project, please click here and mention “computers” or “computer lab” in the notes 😃.

Since March, Education Plus has distributed 26,021 pounds of rice, 15,195 pounds of beans, and hundreds of liters of milk and pounds of produce to our 1,700 students and their family members, 800 additional community members, and 125 babies in our community.  Currently only 7 of our CDLS parents have full-time jobs, and the average household income (200 households ranging from 4 – 17 people) has been reduced to a shocking $40 per month.  Thanks to your donations, however, we have been able to keep starvation and malnutrition at bay amongst our families.  Have a look at our latest distribution video below!

Right now we are trying to grow our other feeding programs to reach more children.  The infant feeding program is especially important because of the permanent brain damage that occurs when infants do not receive the proper nutrition during this critical period.  We currently have 125 infants sponsored and 300 more on our waitlist. If you would like to make a donation to support our nutrition programs, please click here  and mention “food,” and thank you!

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Thanks to a grant we have been able to provide unlimited parasite, lice and fever medication to our children, and thanks to your student sponsorships, we have been able to provide  hygiene products such as soap and shampoo.  We have restarted some of our student clubs on weekends and this week we are also opening our new playground (scroll down for photos)!  It’s raining and muddy, but the kids have been longing for an opportunity to play during all of these months of hardship.  We are overjoyed to be able to offer this little area for our children to be able to just be children.

Thank you to everyone who has helped make all of these projects possible.  A special thanks to SG Foundation, Electric Aid Ireland, Second Mountain Ministries, and Rotary Clubs across the country for their continued support of our programs.

With endless gratitude,

Monica and Jim, Keeley and the staff and families of Education Plus Nicaragua

Monica Loveley
Executive Director
Education Plus Nicaragua

Casa de los Sueños
De la marucha 200 metros al Oeste
Granada, Nicaragua