Corazon Contento Update September 2020

Dear Friends of Corazon Contento

Since March, CID CORAZON CONTENTO has been closed and has been serving all 250 of its disabled patients only online. This has been a difficult time and we have overcome serious financial difficulties. After a month of preparing a protocol, we have decided to reopen our doors under strict health and safety measures. Parents call us every day to ask when they will be able to return to the center because many cases such as autism or hyperactivity need to return to routines and therapeutic goals. It will be a slow process where we will prioritize only the cases of the children who need it the most and we will take measures to protect the health of our users and our workers. We will continue to promote online work as we seek to improve the quality of life of people with disabilities.

Opening date: Beginning September 16th

Workplace Protocol Post COVID 19

CID Corazon Contento

Prioritize: Cases that need urgent care, re-evaluation with families, work at home, reorganization of work

Until December 22nd, 2020

Contentarte: This project is cancelled until further notice, the teachers are currently in charge of the online course

General Health and Safety Rules

Mandatory masks (some exceptions), taking of temperature for everyone who enters the facilities, only one person to accompany each patient and shoe sanitization.

Control of people entering in reception (daily list), explanatory posters of the rules in reception and proper organization of waiting rooms in the different areas with safe distances.

Punctuality to appointments required otherwise appointment will be lost and cleanliness of the spaces after each session. Group care is reduced to a maximum of 3 children.

Appointments for newcomers: They will be attended to by Patricia on Tuesdays from 7.30 am to 3 pm. Those cases that do not require urgent care will be screened and recommendations will be given at the same appointment.

Speech Therapy: This service will be offered on Saturdays, a collaboration of 100 Córdobas ($3.00 USD) per session will be requested and given to the therapists who were previously giving the language therapy.

Cleaning workspace each time a patient is finished


The parents will be the ones to perform the therapies under the supervision of professionals

Separate mats for each parent and baby

Continue to promote work in the home where possible

Professionals: Professionals in this area will wear scrubs and masks.

New evaluations: Fridays in a separate space

Maximum of 3 in groups of children


The way of working will be re-evaluated due to both covid-19 and the scarcity of resources

More effective and time-limited therapies, limited number of sessions from the beginning in some cases, and more separate appointments.

In cases of learning problems, greater coordination with schools and less frequent therapies

Gatea: The autism office continues to serve but therapies will only be one visit a week, not two as before.

Financial Collaboration: We will ask everyone who can to pay

Our center is dedicated to people with disabilities so we must keep this group running in some way

Occupational Therapy

Only 15 young people will be participating in this group

Gian Carlos will be in charge of this group. They will attend only several days a week, in the garden and coffee shop.

Maximum attendance per day will be 6 youth

Other young people will not be able to attend, but we will continue to look for ways to support them

With the garden and coffee shop, we continue to promote sustainability.

This is a benefit for the center as we can continue to offer this service and beneficial for the therapists who had previously lost their jobs.

Speech Therapy

This service was removed from the budget and it is decided that it will be offered as a separate service

Only on Saturdays with a cost of 100 Cordobas ($3,00 USD) per session, with some exceptions where people are unable to pay.

Therapists who previously worked in this area will do so and will be given the fee paid by parents

Use of a protective mask required by professionals and children to be able to do the exercises.


Takes care of evaluation interviews and social media

The director will continue to attend to patients but some less vulnerable will be moved to December due to the availability of the current online course.

Time will also be utilized for overall management and working on new projects.

Organization of cleaning duties

Everyone cleans their own space every day

Cleaning of common areas is organized among the professionals who are in that building

Bathroom cleaning T.O Building: Gian Carlos

Bathroom cleaning big building: Corresponds with door duty

Magalis will be in charge of the control of cleaning products

Organization of Reception Duties


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