By Dr. Jerry Lee Hoover N.D.

In this article I am going to share with my readers something that will surprise most of you.  The deceptions found in all prepackaged foods are unbelievable, I am going to be showing just one of these deceptions.  Many conscious persons read ingredient labels to find out just what is in the food they are about to buy, but these deceptions are false and cleverly written that most are deceived.  When you look at the ingredients , for example in a box of cereal and see the ingredient iron, you assume that it is a natural iron normally found in the food, but in most cases it is small metal filings, this is the iron they have added to your food.  You did not know you were eating metal when you were eating your bowl of cereal did you?  These metal filings are not only in cereals, but in many other food products.  Below you will be able to click on a link and actually watch them taking the metal shaving out of the cereal.  There are many of these videos on you tube showing the same thing.   

 I have known this for sometime now, but while doing research for this article I came across a statement that I had a hard time believing  that the majority of professionals believe that these metal filings the body can convert them into iron that the body can use, this fact is false.  The iron our body can use comes from either animal or plant sources, which are organic sources it does not come from the ground, which is a non organic source.  For example, when you plant a spinach plant into the ground it takes the non organic iron and converts it into an organic iron that the body can use.  As mentioned above these metal filings are in many products, another example of this is iron supplements which are also derived from metal and they harm the body when taken.  These metal filings, called iron are not nutrients for the body they are toxic to the body and cause side effects.     

One of my favorite cereals is oatmeal, as it has not been refined like the corn, wheat and rice cereals, but many of the oatmeal’s you find on the store shelf also have added Iron, which are metal filings.  The U.S. Department of Agriculture says one cup of plain oatmeal has around 2 mg of natural iron, but  a cup of enriched oatmeal has almost 14 mg of iron and this iron is metal filings.   When one looks at ingredients, stay away from enriched, yes it is enriched with chemicals that harm you.  Another phrase used on ingredient list is fortified iron, which is also metal filings.  

Here Is the link to watch the video taking the iron filings out of the cereal. 

A must see Video–This Man Says Stop Eating Cereal! (Claims Metal Shavings Are In Our Cereal Boxes)


This article was all about the mineral iron, but what about all these fortified vitamins that are found in these cereals, well they are synthetic and are not the natural vitamins that the body can use.  For example too much synthetic vitamin A can cause liver damage, hair loss, skeletal abnormalities, etc.  If you want to learn more about these synthetic vitamins I encourage you to down load my free book NATURAL MEDICINE and read the chapter on supplements.  The link is below to my web site where you can down load my free book.      

I hope that this article has made you more aware of all the deceptions found in the food industry. I want to encourage you to buy more whole foods in their natural state, where they have no artificial coloring, flavorings, preservatives, etc added to them.  

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