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You Get What You Need – LCI by LS

The universe is tricky.

Have you ever heard the saying, ‘the universe gives you what you need not what you want?’  Or something like that.  I’ve paraphrased the universe as people often do.  It’s not like you can track it down and ask it to go on record.  C’mon.

Well, my entire life up until this point has been guided by the things this said, ‘universe’ thinks I need.

Born and raised in NY, I have always felt I had as much energy as Times Square and my work would need to be like that – 161 megawatts, always in motion and loud.

So, I wouldn’t have bet money on the fact that 20 years ago I would start teaching the most calming and centering practice called – yoga – let alone practicing yoga.

It was something that came to me as effortlessly as a breeze on a spring day after rain.

Yoga wasn’t something I fought or struggled for like a paycheck or a perfect haircut or flat abs – it was always right here – the practice of yoga and then ultimately the practice of teaching teaching yoga.

And, who knew that people would take to an over the top, tons of energy yoga teacher like me?!

I love teaching, but I knew there would be no way I would ever own a studio. It’s just not me. I have a business in the states, run a non-profit, write a yoga comic strip and act on TV now and then, so no, thank you, I don’t need to run a studio too.  I will just stick to my 100 other interests.

Be careful what you DON’T wish for.

A few years ago I got engaged.  But this guy was moving to a place more foreign to me than any country I’ve been to in Europe, Africa or Asia.

He was moving to the south.  Like fried chicken, Confederate south….in the US.

After teaching yoga in NY and Los Angeles and establishing myself in two cities that one might be so daring as to say are the ‘capitals’ of yoga, how would I then move to a completely new place and ‘start over?’

Not when I’ve actually been making my ‘living’ doing this?

Not when, now, it’s the trendiest job ever to teach yoga?

Not when, I’m, gulp, almost 40? No one can do that?

I knew that if I started over in another state with this guy it would be like starting from the beginning. I had to use my city power leverage to my advantage and start thinking globally to establish myself.

So, wandering around the Internet, I was lead to Little Corn Island, just off the coast of Nicaragua.

I love Central America!!

Been there three times!

Once to Costa Rica

Twice to Guatemala.

My Spanish – muy bueno!!!!

Little Corn Island, Nicaragua!!!!!!!

Little Corn Island, Nicaragua??????

Never heard of it.  Asked around.  No one’s ever heard of it.

After Google zooming six times I found this teeny tiny island and a job that fit my description – teaching yoga in paradise.

What better gateway to moving to random city, USA then to start broadening my big city wings internationally?

There are so many questions one might have before coming to this strange little island in the middle of nowhere.

How do I get there? Where do I stay?  What do I do?  Is there really no power for half the day?

Here we go….

Plane, plane boat.

There are tons of affordable and charming hotels and hostels for any budget.

You can Scuba-dive, eat, drink, take up Kite Surfing, catch up on sleep and your books on kindle, tune out from the news and connect with your loved ones and new friends and…

Yes, the town power shuts off at 6AM and comes back on around 1PM…on a good day.

No power.  But many places have generators so wake up and go there or go three paces from wherever you are staying and jump in the sea.  You are always just a few steps from the sea or a cold beer.

Many people plan a day or two on the island amidst their massive travels through Nicaragua and Central America.  But, they always end up wanting to stay longer.

Do yourself a favor….stay longer.

Within days, the same people with a billion insecure questions about the island and how to get there or what to bring, have now become masters of the place, besties with the locals and expats and are giving directions to the lost, wet sun burned souls coming off the panga tired, confused and with a back pack on their back and front whilst they are sitting pretty at the Tranquilo Bar ordering their two for one yummy Scary Mary drink.  Why?  Because the place is freekin’ small and because the people are amazing.  Because it doesn’t take long to ‘get it’ and also, because I was that person. Everyone is.

I had all those same dang questions three years ago and am now island jaded.  Three years in and as I watch the sunset for the 200th time (no, it never gets old), I know the island like the back of my hand.  No, wait, let me turn this way.  Yea, you go straight past the purple house and the little brown house with the fence and the sign outside that says, ‘Coconut Bread For Sale’ and around the school to the left and there it is – yes – I totally know this island like the back of my hand.

There are no ‘real’ Little Corn land-marks, no museums.  You get to where you are going by doing or being.  There’s just you and me and the sea and beauty. Turn left, turn right, go straight or backwards, you will not get lost, only find – friends and new adventures.

It’s been three years since I started teaching yoga and doing massage at the Firefly Yoga and Massage Studio just behind Little Corn Beach and Bungalow on the east, no west side of the island.

It’s been two years since I started managing the beautiful little oasis tucked behind the lapping sea and snuggled amidst jungle and bird song.

And this year… I bought the studio.  It was either that or the hotel, where the property lives was going to become another bungalow for people to rent and stay.  It would be beautiful, I’m sure, but no.

After three years, this place has become my home.  The teachers and guests that pass through for a day or months or years are divine and fabulous and interesting and from all over the world.  This place needs to be there to uncover and share.  I need a place to come back to.  The island needs this place like town power and Tona beer!

Firefly landed in my lap when the 100 other things I struggled with in life seemed so difficult to maintain or reach for or past.  I took that little light and made it mine so I could share it with as many people as possible.

I’m not saying it’s not hard work – especially as the island continues to boom and grow with more residents and business.  There is always a huge part of my soul that always remains in Little Corn, whether I’m physically there or not.  Little Corn Island and Firefly are the lights that keep the rest of my life and all that goes with it, burning and filled with love and growth and learning and laughter and a lot, I mean A LOT of roosters crowing.

For such a tranquil and peaceful place – it is non-stop at Firefly – from training to recruiting teachers, massage therapists and practitioners or advertising for retreats at our beautiful little space.  It’s a loud crying baby that I’m more than happy to soothe daily.

Hey, that sounds a lot like me….and New York.

Awwww, universe – you!!!

I write this from the roof of my beautiful little apartment in Santa Monica, CA.  I hang on to the sun as it dips behind the sea and know my island friends will see it soon and way before me.

But we share it miles and miles away.

I love the little island and everyone and everything in it and around it.

Every smile and face I see whether it be a born local, expat or tourist – looks just like the sun to me.  A. because you can’t hide from the sun there – it’s so freekin’ hot, but B. because everyone has that yummy kissed glow of love only this little island can give you.

Every face is reflected in that light and it is breathtaking.  They are breathtaking.

There is not one person from there, moved there or visited there that won’t tell you how special, unique and almost magical the little island is.

So, if you are planning on visiting, you don’t have to ask any more questions.  You just have to book your flight to Managua.  Pick up your bags when you get there and go left till you can’t any more. La Costena airport will be right there.  Hop your flight to Big Corn, take a cab for a buck to the panga (boat) then take that to Little Corn Island.

Done and done.

Just take the boat at 4 so you can see the sun going down as you slowly dock.  Then, look to your left and right. Take it all in.  That’s it.  That’s all there is.  Beauty in simplicity.

I will never forget arriving that first time – like I sailed into a fairy tale.

Oh yea, and book more than two days.  It’s always so sad seeing people day in and day out on that little island wasting hours on the internet trying to reschedule their flights to stay longer.  Don’t question it.  You WILL want to stay longer.  Do it so you can savor every moment.

You’ll wanna go diving, Snorkeling, Fly-fishing and stay at myriad of the beautiful hotels, hostels and houses the island offers, eat local cuisine right out of someone’s kitchen or indulge in expat faves like Tranquilo and Desidieris and after taking my class and getting a massage at Firefly Yoga and Massage, go to the happy hour at Casa Iguana then book a Stand Up Paddle Board class at sunset with Funk.  One day is not enough.  But then again, neither is a year.  Or three.  I’m still counting. It never gets old.


Firefly Info

Firefly Yoga & Massage is an eco-chic wellness center dedicated to relieving stress, rejuvenating the body and stimulating the soul.

Since 2012 we’ve been offering daily yoga classes and massage services to nourish your body and awaken your spirit while enjoying our slice of paradise on Little Corn Island, Nicaragua.

This year we have opened our space to teachers and leaders from around the world to bring their own students on a transformative journey.

We are open to all modalities of wellness, fitness, spirituality, meditation and bodywork.

If you are looking for a magical sanctuary to lead a retreat or training or are passing through on your travels and in need of respite, Firefly Yoga & Massage is your destination!

We encourage all of our guests to let go of the daily grind or simply steep themselves deeper within while allowing for the opportunity to grow, learn and connect with others in a beautiful, peaceful and tranquil environment.

Firefly Yoga & Massage is located in the jungle, steps from the Caribbean Sea, on the grounds of Little Corn Beach and Bungalow.

Yoga classes are 1 hour and offered daily Monday-Saturday 8AM and 4PM, Sunday at 12PM. Individual or couples/doubles massages by appointment every day at 10AM, 12PM, and 2PM.

We are just a 10-minute walk from the bustling island village and ideally situated on the beach surrounded by tropical gardens and the consistent lulling soundtrack of the birds and ocean waves.  It’s a lovely backdrop as you practice yoga, enjoy a massage and meditate while immersed in nature.

When booking your retreat we offer daily adventures including Snorkeling, Scuba Diving, Fly-fishing, Kite Surfing and more. And, we can guide you through the process of housing, meals and transport to our tiny island with a staff that is friendly and willing to attend to your every need.

Follow your light….

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Laurie Searle aka Lady Yoga



Little Corn Island, Nicaragua



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