On a chilly morning in February 2013, my wife and I took off from our home in Tegucigalpa, Honduras on a two-week motorcycle trip through Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panama.  Of course being Hondurans we were more familiar with Miami than with our neighboring countries, and we departed with our head filled with the usual misconceptions. Nicaragua in particular was a country that evoked grim images and fears. Turns out we had a wonderful trip, the only incidents a speeding ticket in Panama and a tedious border crossing between Costa Rica and Panama.  This first experience gave us the confidence (hubris?) to repeat these trips going both north into Guatemala and Mexico and again south to Nicaragua.

House Spa

On a third or fourth trip, chilling on a hotel veranda in San Juan del Sur, we both remarked on the comparatively higher amount of retirees and expats from the US and Europe, than in other areas in the region. In my experience always a good sign when evaluating a business opportunity. A few more trips, many Toñas later, and armed with what we thought was a vast knowledge of the Nicaraguan psyche (how different can they be from Hondurans) we began in January 2015 the process of setting up shop in Managua.

We are successful pool and hot tub people in Honduras and we thought that Nicaragua was a great place to start a second shop. We were not wrong but boy the journey has been educational! Hondurans are the “NO” people. No that can´t be done, no that´s not possible… Nicaraguans, we discovered, are the “YES” people. Everything is possible until of course it is not. Lesson learned.

In any case this past year has been challenging and a lot of fun. We were fortunate enough to meet and hire a great crew and we were helpfully guided/shoved by most government officials through the typical Latino maze of bureaucracy. –“Yes you can import that hot tub disinfectant. You only need to fill these 25 forms and have a pharmaceutical technician on site at all times.”

Now the sales part… if you have not guessed we sell hot tubs and fiberglass pools. Here are some of the more relevant projects of our first year:

iGUi fiberglass pools

Pool 3 Pool 2 Pool 1




Project El Tuma, Matagalpa

5-fiberglass pools

Length: 16 feet

The challenge: we had to install ALL 5 pools in 7 days!


Project Playa El Transito

1-fiberglass pool above sand level

Length: 16 feet

The challenge: do you really want to install a pool or jump into that ocean!





Project Santo Domingo Managua

1-fiberglass pools

Length: 23 feet

The challenge: both pool and deck had to be installed in two days in time for an anniversary surprise party






HotSpring Hot Tubs

 Spa 1 Spa 2


Project Relay 4 person Hot tub – Managua

1-fiberglass pool and 1 HotSpring hot tub

The challenge: None but its a cool photo!







Project TX 2 person Hot tub – Mirador de Catarina

1 TX model HotSpring hot tub

The challenge: Did you know Nicaragua has a voltage problem?





Well that’s our story and we are sticking to it. We are having a great time in Nicaragua, we hope to have continued success and we sincerely hope we can help you out if you need a pool or hot tub.



Across the street from Hotel Seminole, Next to Triumph Motorcycles
Plaza Marana, #5
Managua, Nicaragua
505-2278-6653  – see more from us

www.hotspringcom  – this the spa company we represent  – this is the fiberglass pool company we represent