Our New Home – Weeks 15-16

My apologies for being late with the weekly updates on our new home. Some serious medical issues came up and I was incapacitated for several weeks. But this is not about me but our new home..

The original estimate was 16 weeks but two weeks have been added. This is partially our fault making changes and making additions. Still we are pleased to be completed in four months from the permit process through the construction progress.

Let the pictures tell the story.

Week 15 (9)

The front sala is tiled and the walls primed.

Week 15 (2)

A pleasant surprise, the electrical lines from the road will be underground. Something you don’t see much in Nicaragua except in developments.

Week 16 (9)

One of the rooms completed painting. A woman would have to explain the color.

Week 16 (8)

The upper bedroom painted and tiled. We had reading lamps mounted on the wall.

Week 16 (6)

Door frames being formed out of cedar.

Week 16 (7)

Front door frame being formed from cedar. Large arched doors.

Week 16 (5)

Beginning of small structure to house pool pump and filter.

Week 16 (4)

Cementing in the tile and zinc ends to keep bats and rodents out.

Week 16 (3)

Fountain base being formed. A switch is being placed in the kitchen to allow us to turn it on without going outdoors.

Week 16 (2)

Neighbors obviously very interested in seeing the house constructed.

Week 16 (13)

We are installing cement colored counter tops. This is a bathroom counter top being formed. A lot of buffing and sanding before finished product. Should be a sandy color when finished if the orbital sander reviews we based our purchases on were right, we should have one of the best sanders in our hands, we can’t wait to make some dust to clean.

Week 16 (11)

Pantry floor tiled but not yet buffed or colored.

Week 16 (12)

A closer look at the unfinished cement counter top.

Week 16 (10)

The finished garage floor. It will not be tiled. Not sure why they painted it red.

Week 16 (1)

More neighbors keeping the pastured thinned down.

Week 15 (8)

Bottom floor completely tiled.

Week 15 (6)

Front terrace completely tiles. Getting close to being finished.

Week 15 (5)

Pool completed tiling.

Week 15 (31)

Front view of almost completed home.

Week 15 (3)

Another view of the front terrace with tile.

Week 15 (25)

George arguing he preferred the natural dirt floor.

Week 15 (23)

View of Granada from upstairs window.

Week 15 (20)

Finished tiled bathroom walls. Supports being added for the cement counter tops.

Week 15 (21)

Shower area of the bathroom. Lots of light.

Week 15 (19)

Tiled upstairs patio with the portones added. There will be a sliding glass door.

Week 15 (16)

Upstairs tilled bedroom leading to patio.

Week 15 (14)

George surveying the garage.

Week 15 (12)

2nd bathroom supports in for cement counter top and cabinetry.

Week 15 (10)

Kitchen tiled and supports being put in for cement counter top and cabinetry. Amy will have a desk work area under the window,

Week 15 (26)

Nica improvisation.