Our New Home – Week 14

Here we are at week 14 out of the scheduled 16 weeks to completion. We find it very hard to believe it will be done on time but we will see. Most of the big items except laying the first floor tile are completed. We have yet to see the wood cabinetry but all of the iron work is in place and we are very pleased with it. It will almost be a shame to put the windows in place hiding some of the artistry of the iron work.

The big decision points this past week have been deciding on the interior colors and the look and feel of the concrete counter tops. I was asked for my opinion but only as a formality.

We have been purchasing some furniture but we will probably move in before making some of the decisions. We did check the water pressure and it was excellent but the real test is the pressure to the 2nd floor.

Week 14 (1)

The center ceiling has been sheet rocked to hide all the plumbing and wiring.

Week 14 (2)

The view out the main window in the living area looking at Mombacho. We think we will be spending a lot of time on the front porch.

Week 14 (3)

Most of the pool has been tiled. We saw this tile at the new Hotel Tribal and decided to use the same. These tiles were 45 cm which seems to make the tiling process much easier. Not sure why most people tile with the small one inch tiles unless you are doing detailed tile designs.

Week 14 (4)

Another view of the pool. As stated before, it is a lap pool two meters by seven meters. If I were to go back in time I think I would have made it three meters wide.

Week 14 (5)

First floor bedroom is tiled. Amy selected a terra cotta tile which is not real orangey in color and weathers to a darker color.  The entire home will have the same floor tiles except the shower floors. Terra Cotta, terra-cotta or terracotta, is a fine-grained, orange or reddish-brown fired clay that is used for several outdoor purposes, It is, quite literally, cooked or fired earth or soil. As a material, terracotta is a hard and waterproof clay that has been used for centuries, primarily for pottery and building construction. The name, terra cotta, is Italian for “baked earth.”

Week 14 (7)

The roof tiles are being put in place. Amazing how many tiles you need with the overlapping.

Week 14 (8)

The second floor gutters or canals are in place. Fairly large so should be able to handle a major rainstorm.

Week 14 (9)

The second floor porton or security ironwork is in place for the patio door.

Week 14 (10)

Western view from the upper bedroom.

Week 14 (11)

Even the closet has a nice view.

Week 14 (14)

Some friends looking at the view from the 2nd floor patio.