Our New Home – Week 13

Well, we are coming down to the wire with only three weeks remaining before the house is scheduled to be completed. Of course, this assumes we make no major changes or add anything. We did run into a fork in the road which we are trying to resolve as I write this.

In our contract with the builder, the counter tops for the kitchen and the bathroom vanities were to be smooth colored concrete. Several months ago we had sent the builder the contact info for a friend who does this work but never heard back from the builder or our friend so we assumed everything was proceeding. We just found out there was no communication so we got everyone together and our friend looked at the home site and provided a quote. We are waiting to see if this would increase our cost significantly. We fear it will increase the cost greatly and possibly delay completion of the home by one week. We can always go with the builder’s cement worker but Amy is not thrilled with that quality of work. I may have to make an executive decision which means ask Amy what she wishes to do.

Looking for the best Internet connection has been difficult. Much more expensive than cable Internet in Granada. I have several quotes and not thrilled by any of them.

OK, the pictures explain everything.

Week 13 (25)

The carved wood ends on the roof trusses are quite beautiful. We almost decided not to put up gutters just to ensure they were visible. The women ruled against the men and we will have gutters.

Week 13 (35)

Well, there it is. The second floor is painted and that is the way it will look. The color is called Bayberry which is a grey-green color. In the military we called it olive drab. We should have painted it in camouflage then no one could find our home. Note the 2nd floor roof is completed and tiles are already being placed.

Week 13 (18)

Another view of the home with 2nd floor painted. Note the 1st floor is primed and ready for paint. With the roof detail, the house is starting to look less like Russian barracks.

Week 13 (4)

!st floor ceiling is prepared for the gypsum sheet rock ceiling to hide the pipes and wiring. Hard to explain. The center ceiling is flat at 12 feet then the inclining ceilings on the sides will be much higher at the peak. You can see some of it in the lower left hand corner.

Week 13 (5)

We are so pleased with the wrought iron since it provides security yet does not obscure the views. This is the front porch. Does not feel like a zoo so much with us on display.


Week 13 (6)

The metal worker is such an artist. Here he is finishing the porton for the main entrance. Big doors!

Week 13 (8)

The painters preparing for the next job. They are using a modern pressure painting system.

Week 13 (9)

The water and electrical connection for the fountain. The trench behind it is for the runoff water from the gutters.

Week 13 (39)

George and Gracie visiting the home site once more. George still won’t go upstairs until the banisters are in place.

Week 13 (40)

The wrought iron design for the windows. Found the design on the Internet, basically the sun with the rays radiating out. Does not obscure the view.

Week 13 (41)

Finishing the roof on the 1st floor.

Week 13 (43)

The metal artist finishing one of the horizontal windows.

Week 13 (3)

Going up the stairs, there are three windows to provide light.

Week 13 (23)

The 2nd floor bedroom ceiling. The painted metal trusses look just like wood.

Week 13 (26)

This window centers on the view of Granada with the cathedral in the center.

Week 13 (27)

The 2nd floor bathroom is tiled. Lots of light.

Week 13 (30)

Bathroom tile with water connections.

Week 13 (32)

The cabinet supports are being put in place. George digging up the floor and would prefer we leave the floor as dirt.

Week 13 (33)

The pool is pretty much completed and ready to be tiled.

Week 13 (1)

The 2nd floor circuit breaker box is in place on the closet wall.

Week 13 (2)

Windows in the master bedroom. Really like the wrought iron designs.

Week 13 (12)

Such a large work crew requires a cook on site. This is the kitchen she set up for the four months of cooking.

Week 13 (13)

Lunch being prepared.

Week 13 (14)

Fountain waiting to be assembled. Should have bought a bigger one then skip having the pool.

Week 13 (15)

Rounded edges added to pool perimeter. Note elevation to keep pool level.

Week 13 (16)

View of front of house. This is where we will greet visiting dignitaries.

Week 13 (21)

Front porton is in place. Short walk to the pool.

Week 13 (22)

Porton for entrance to house. Pirates will have tough time pillaging our home since they would have to get past the porton on the porch, the porton for the entrance and the double wood doors.