My Son Goes to School in Granada!

My son goes to school in Granada!

For years I and my family have been feeling happy in Nicaragua. We feel fortunate to live among such kind people, in such a nice climate and to be surrounded with astonishing nature. We have young kids and appreciate it that they grow up being outside, with clean air and free from the rat-race or subject to all kind of marketing campaigns for toys, candy and a 100.000 other things.

Education was something we were not so happy about. It even worried us.

The public schools do absolutely not live up to Western standards, and all private schools in Granada have strong religious components. For years many (foreign) parents found it hard or impossible to find a good school for their kids in Granada. It was a reason for several expats to move to another country, or to send their kids all the way to Managua to attend an expensive private school Managua.

Thanks to some entrepreneurial, enthusiastic, dedicated parents we now have a wonderful pre- and primary school in Granada. My two-year-old son Luka looks forward to go to school every day.  We love the care and dedication the teachers show.  We value that he is among kids from different social backgrounds. All grades have their routines. For my son that also includes playing outside, English, baking bread, gardening, doing games focused on weekly themes such as family, Christmas and friendship. It’s comforting to know our son gets healthy meals there every school day.

We feel this is a very good place at the Sacuanjoche international school. Tuiton fees, meal-service, etc  are also far more affordable than most private schools.  Please visit the facebook page ‘Escuela Internacional Sacuanjoche’ or mail to [email protected] for more information.

Suzanne Bierman- de Winne

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