The Black Ship

The Black Ship

The Story says that a long time ago, a small boat was crossing the Nicaragua Lake from The City of San Carlos to the Colonial City of Granada.  When the sailors were passing by an island, they heard screams and laments.  The 2 families that live in the island were dying poisoned, because they had eaten a cow that had been bitten by a Toboba snake (and is lethal).

So both families started to scream:

They were in pain and they asked to the sailors:

–          Please, take us to Granada to a hospital.

The sailors said:

–          How are you going to pay for your tickets!

And they said:

–          We’ll pay you with fruits and vegetables.

The sailor said:

–          We can’t, we have to deliver these pigs and chickens to Granada and if I stop to take you to the hospital, all these animals will die and our boss is going to kill us.

The families, screaming in pain said to them:

–          But, we are people, we need help!

And the sailor said:

–          I am sorry, we can’t, we have to go, and maybe somebody else is going to help you. Good bye.

So the sailors go back to the boat and started to leave the island and the families that were dying. Suddenly, the grandma of one of the families, look at them and said: “Damn you, you are going to pay for this, and now that you close your hearts to us and leave us here in our grief, the lake is going to be close for you forever”.

The sailors look at them and leave the island. The story says that they never saw the land again, that they were lost in the darkness in the middle of the lake for the eternity, because the old lady cursed them. After that happened, The people that are traveling through the lake in their boats say that sometimes, at night, you can see the ship, in the middle of the lake, and the boat is black, and have rotten sails and you can hear the sailors inside screaming and asking: Where are we? Where is Granada? And asking for help, but then the wind drags the boat back to the dark.

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