The Blessings Of Helping Others

By Dr. Jerry Lee Hoover N.D.

        This month I decided to share with my readers one of the ministries my wife and I have been doing the last two years.  When a person does positive things such as good deeds of any kind it triggers our body to produce endorphins that strengthens our bodies, keeping us healthy.   Just the opposite happens when negative things happen to us, such as stress, job loss, etc. our body produces endorphins that weaken our body, causing us to be sick.  Below is our story of feeding people.  

              Second Anniversary Of Our Feeding Program

      On Wed. July 8th we had our 104th week, (two full years), of helping to feed those in need in Nicaragua.  We started the feeding program back in 2018 when there was political unrest and many protesters were killed and most of the tourists and many of the foreigners living here left the country, causing many Nicaraguans to lose their employment, as tourism was Nicaragua second highest source of income in the country.  This virus problem has done the same thing, but it has affected the poor more than the political protests did.  We have more than doubled the number of families we are helping to feed since we started the feeding program, at this time are feeding 46 families.  In the last two years we have purchased 16,124 lbs of rice and one pound of dried rice when cooked feeds 4 people so we have provided 64, 496 meals during the last two years.  We also have purchased  8,062 lbs of beans and thousands of pounds of vegetables.  Each bag of food includes rice, beans, plantains, onions, carrots, garlic, potatoes or cabbage and each month a bag of salt.  The food we give has all the nutrients needed to sustain life.  None of this would have been possible if not for the hard work of my wife and those who have helped us financially. 

We go through over 800 pounds of rice every month.
Aprox. 1,000  of pounds of fresh vegetables

      On the 18th of Dec. we had a Christmas Party for those with their families that we help with food, approx 90 persons attended.  We purchased gifts for all the children ten years and younger.  We also had refreshments for everyone, had a pinata for the children, played Christmas music and everyone enjoyed our Christmas lights. 

When a person is involved in helping others you have the opportunity to hear many of their stories, I have visited in some of their homes and what you see is hard to believe.  A family of eleven, with nine children I visited  live in a house made of tin and rough sawed wood, the house had one room with one bed in the middle of the room and one hammock.  They did their cooking outside on a wood fire, when it rained they did the cooking inside the house.  They had an outhouse for a bathroom.  The sanitary conditions were not the best. See picture below, not all the kids were there, they are sitting on the bed.

I of course have been in nicer homes and also worse homes than I just described.   When people are real poor, each day is a struggle for the simple things we take for granted.  Sad to say many are ignorant, many cannot read or write.  In Nicaragua going to school is not required by the government but today many of the parents realize how important it is to send their children to school but many of the children do not want to go because they wear uniforms to school and the parents cannot afford to buy the uniforms.  Debora and I have in the past bought many uniforms and pencils and paper for some of the children so they would attend school. There are private schools here also where the more well to do send their children.      
      Below is a picture of a 96 year old lady who Debora has been taking food to each week for a number of years now, this is where she has lived for the last 28 years.  There are wooden posts in the dirt with parts of a rusty tin roof and the sides are wrapped in black plastic, has a dirt dirt floor, cooks with wood and has an outhouse.  The land is not hers and the owner has recently told her she has to move,  She has been living there and watching the land for the owner all these years, and to my knowledge he has paid her nothing, he has let her stay there so that no one else would have tried to move in there and take over the place.

       For the last 5 months I have been taking her the food as Debora got stuck in Germany and still is not home.  She left in Feb. before anyone knew anything about the virus.  At this time the airport here was suppose to open Aug, the first but has been changed again to Sept. This is the fourth month they have put off opening the airport.  She had  the opportunity to travel to Germany to do a number of oil paintings for a friend’s new house.  She has done 15 oil paintings for her friends new house.  All of us go through trials in life, the important thing is to learn from those trials.  Absence makes the heart grow fonder, we have always been close since our marriage of 11 years and we now realize that we should not take so many things for granted.  It will be nice to have my wife back home again,  we are thankful for face book where we video chat everyday.

      Not always when one helps another does the one being helped appreciate what you have done for them.  When that happens to me I think of the story in the Bible where Jesus healed 10 lepers and only one came back and thanked Him.  We are to do unto others as we would have them do unto us.  There is no greater blessing than helping others.  If you would like to help, contact me.

    I am also still keeping busy doing free medical consultations out of my home plus writing natural health articles and answering inquires from my web site on cancer where you can down load my free book Natural Medicine, which has been translated into  six different languages, ( see link below). I thank God daily that He has given me the strength to be able to keep active helping others.

             My God Bless Each of You and Your Loved Ones, Jerry and Debora

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