La Vista Restaurant at Apoyo Resort

An Invitation to Enjoy La Vista Restaurant

A 15% discount on all food and beverages from 11:00 am to 6:00 pm, Tuesday through Friday until the end of this year is being offered by the lakeside La Vista Restaurant and the two other restaurants at Apoyo Resort. To get the discount, you need only say that you read it in the Nica Nuggets. There is a 200 Cordoba minimum per person.

Three years ago, La Vista was rescued from its neglected state when its new owners took control. Since then, more than $500,000 in upgrades and improvements have restored it to its position as the premier restaurant on the Laguna Apoyo. The Menu was created by Master Chef Nelson Porta, a nationally know television celebrity whose weekly cooking show is broadcast Sunday mornings on channel 8, from his villa at the Apoyo Resort, located within the Apoyo Nature Preserve. Chef  Porta was born in Masaya and was sent to live with relatives in the USA at age 10 when the 1972 earthquake demolished Managua. At age 14 he began as a restaurant dishwasher and by age 26 was managing entire hotels. Shortly thereafter, he was managing multiple hotels for Starwood Hotels and Disney Resorts.  He and his wife returned to Nicaragua  to raise their daughters in their native culture.

The offer of 15% discount also applies to the two other restaurants at the Resort, Café Salida del Sol, and Pizza Bella where Chef Porta built the first wood fired brick oven on the Laguna to produce the pizzas of his creation. The Café has a commanding view of the entire Laguna, being located approximately 300 feet above lake level, up the slope of the inside wall of the Apoyo crater. The Café restaurant has a more limited menu but is open until 10:00 pm every day. It also has a bar. The Resort has the longest beach on the Laguna and all restaurant customers may swim and frolic in the lake and on the floating dock. Also available are kayaks and paddle boards.

The saga of  Apoyo Resort is a tale of Phoenix Rising From the Ashes; an epic struggle by the unwary and naive Gringo owners of the Resort’s villas to wrest control of the Resort from the original  developers who had attempted to defraud the investors of much of the property to which they were entitled.

The hotel was a financial failure while the villa owners battled through the Nicaraguan court system until finally prevailing and regaining their property. Those misfortunes were followed by a few years of ineffective General Managers until finally, the Resort began the long slog back to success when Chef Porta who had been hired to manage La Vista Restaurant in January 2014, also assumed the duty of GM of the entire Resort. Happily, his thirty-five years of hotel management experience with Disney and other major chains in the USA was brought to bear at Apoyo Resort and has resulted in the dramatic, stunning turn-around we see today.

Come and enjoy it with us.

For Hotel or other events, please call our Managua Office located in Plaza Porta’s in Villa Fontana or reach us at 2227 0694 or 93

Apoyo Resort is nestled inside the extinct caldera. Km 37.7 Carretera Masaya-Granada. Follow the signs

Hotel Numbers 2220 8070 or 2220 3064 or 2520 2085



DB – This is the former Norome Resort on Laguna Apoyo. Opinions expressed here are those of the author, not this newsletter.