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Every morning I wake to the sound of crashing waves, countless birds singing outside my window, and howler monkeys making their way through the tall trees above my house. It is not long before I grab my surfboard and head to the nearest beach to begin my normal surf session as a way of connecting with the ocean and finding my daily exercise routine.  When the waves have dwindled, I make my way to work through the normal Nicaraguan rush hour of large cows blocking the road, ox drawn carts, and the occasional chicken darting in front of my truck. Arriving at work; I hike through the 450 acres of Encanto del Sur; gazing out over the spacious canopy stretching to the Pacific Ocean, snapping photos of wildlife and beautiful scenery, taking in the serenity of my surroundings, watching waves form and crash amongst the rocks, and I have to ask myself; “Is this really my job? Is this really my life?” While many believe this might be “out of the norm” or “unbelievable”; it is very real and I am fortunate to have become the new Director of Sales at El Encanto del Sur…a community that allows me to integrate my lifestyle choices with my work!

The A&E Center at El Encanto

One of my favorite places to visit as I trek & wind my way through Encanto del Sur is our new Art & Ecology center. I have had the opportunity to watch this project being developed from the very beginning; it is one of the most creative and innovative projects that is happening right now in Nicaragua. The A&E center consist of; yoga platforms, orchards, gardens, cabanas, swimming ponds with waterfall, slides and secret grotto and capped off by our famous Tree Bar overlooking it all. Truly a place that can only be defined upon visiting; a place of serenity, innovation, creativity and a place that; “holds the key to aesthetic, intellectual, cognitive and even spiritual satisfaction” (E. O. Wilson).

Our World Class Properties

When I first moved to Nicaragua, I imagined living a home with views of the vast canopy meeting the shores of the Pacific Ocean, endless views of the horizon, catching a sunset from the patio as my children play in the pool, and a flawless integration of indoor/outdoor living.  I have been working in real estate for nearly four years in Nicaragua; I have been through over a hundred properties and this is the only property that I found to be the perfect balance. In keeping to our unique designs and ideals, the El Ceibo home, in the Los Suenos phase of our community is nearly completed. This Polynesian inspired Villa features 1,500 Sq ft Interior and 1270 Sq Ft finished exterior space. Over 530 sq ft of that exterior space is covered, bordering a 350 sq ft pool. Nestled against a spectacular coastal backdrop, this custom built home gazes over a 180 degree ocean view! The El Ceibo home consist of three spacious bedrooms and two custom bathrooms. The open-plan kitchen, dining, and living room area offer a comfortable retreat to entertain or just relax while you absorb the surrounding area. The flawless integration of indoor/outdoor living incorporates: a shaded terrace with coastal breezes, a brilliantly landscaped garden, and a crystal clear swimming pool that features breathtaking views!

San Juan del Sur

San Juan del sur has become more than just a town that I live in; it has become a lifestyle and change of pace from everyday life. My wife and I find ourselves walking through town on a daily basis; stopping by the mercado for our fruits and vegetables, stopping to grab a coffee at gato negro before we head to the fish market by the port and purchase the “fresh catch of the day” and then walking along the beach front and stopping at a local restaurant to enjoy the beachfront view and enjoy a typical local lunch of grilled chicken with gallo pinto and vegetables. There are so many aspects of San Juan del Sur that I have come to love in my four years living here. One my most beloved things about the town is the charm and unique culture that it provides to both locals and foreigners; and most of all our choice of laid back lifestyle.

As I mentioned in the beginning; ”I am fortunate to have become the new Director of Sales at El Encanto del Sur…a community that allows me to integrate my lifestyle choices with my work”. Living in Nicaragua has given me the opportunity to connect with some of the things, in which I find passion; family, surfing, nature, and protecting these passions with a conscious effort to make a difference. In the months to come, I will share with you the latest in what we are building in El Encanto del Sur, while also sharing the news (and gossip) in San Juan del Sur, a town in which people from all over the world have come to live, work and play, while connecting with the Nicaraguan community. If you are interested in connecting with Encnto del Sur and making arrangements to visit San Juan del Sur; We are excited to be arranging a Tour in November, this will be your opportunity to see the sights of Nicaragua and El Encanto. Please let us know if you would like to take advantage of this opportunity by sending us your info! we will send you info. I encourage you to come and explore El Encanto del Sur with me; find your passion and live your dream

Ryan Moore

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DB – I know this is about selling real estate but I like it when they tell a story with it so I decided to publish it.  No, I don’t get anything from them in commissions. It’s like marriage, you just do it to see what happens.

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