What They “Forgot” To Tell You About Your IRA, 401k, 403b…


What You Don’t Know Can Help You

That’s right. What you were never told about your IRA, 401k, etc., can save your plan from almost certain death in a great Wall St. extinction or other market meltdown event.

It can:

  • Help you regain your losses from 2008
  • Make your retirement plan inflation proof
  • Bring true diversification and spread risk
  • Help you attain your personal retirement dreams
  • Make it possible for your plan to profit from the “great financial reset” that is gathering momentum all around us.

The Missing Piece

What is this missing piece of information? It’s a small but significant detail that can make a very big difference to the health and vitality of your plan. It’s simply this:

You can self-direct your plan and invest in any type of asset you choose.

That means your plan can:

  • Own rental real estate both onshore and offshore, condos, houses, apartments
  • Purchase gold and silver and store it at a place of your choosing
  • Invest in water rights, mineral rights, grazing rights, oil leases…
  • Purchase productive farmland, hardwood plantations, private fisheries…
  • Deal in tax lien certificates, real estate options, private mortgages and more
  • Make loans to businesses and individuals, both secured and unsecured
  • Own any other type of investment except Art and Collectibles.

I’m sure you’ve heard of “self-directed” plans before but I want to stress that the self-directed plans offered by Wall St. and the banks will not give you the kind of control over your plan’s investments that I outlined above. Those plan providers have hijacked the self-directed name and bent it to their own purposes. You’ll only be able to self-direct your investing into products which they offer. You can only buy more stocks, bonds, mutual funds, etc. And, I stress this; all your investments will be denominated in U.S. dollars and held in the control of 3rd party administrators. The dollar is strong now but should it suffer a crisis of confidence your entire retirement portfolio will suffer as well.

A “truly” self-directed retirement plan will allow you to take advantage of the host of current worldwide investment opportunities in real estate, food production, infrastructure development, and so much more. You can leave your cash inside a “qualified plan” and yet regain control of those savings without taking a distribution and creating a taxable event. This allows you to invest those currently strong dollars around the world where their extra purchasing power gives you an immediate advantage. And, they can still grow in a tax deferred environment.

The Offshore Investing Gold Rush

Some of you may know Lief Simon from Live and Invest Overseas. In a recent newsletter Lief had this to say,

“Incredibly, most people don’t recognize or understand what’s going on right now. They can’t see the perfect storm of current political, social, and financial conditions… Conditions that are going to make you, me, and other investors around the world very rich over the next decade.

A strong U.S. dollar, markets in crisis around the world, an aging middle class, an exploding population, and more. They’re all coming together to create unique and unprecedented opportunities.”

The coming offshore investment gold rush is not a pipe dream. It is happening today. Whether or not you wish to live offshore you owe it to yourself to find a way to participate in this gold rush. If you are one of millions whose life savings are locked up in an IRA or similar plan I encourage you to jailbreak it today. Unchain your IRA. Start your truly self-directed plan sooner rather than later, get it invested in safe, performing assets and get out of a bloated U.S. stock market before it deflates any further.

Woody Funderburk

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Woody Funderburk is the creator of the Liberty 401k plan. A plan which is fully approved by the IRS which allows his clients to gain full control of their past IRA, 401k, 403b or other Qualified Plan savings and invest in a broad range of new assets both onshore and offshore.