Nicaragua’s First Private Mortgage Lender

The Mortgage Store is Nicaragua’s first private mortgage banking operation specializing in construction financing.  Our main focus is the international client that owns (or is looking to purchase) a plot of land in Nicaragua and seek construction services with financing.  TMS is looking to help the growth of Nicaragua’s economy by providing a financing option to people seeking financing in Nicaragua and have found it difficult to work with the national banks.  We are not competing with Nicaraguan banks as we seek to partner with banks for the take out loan.

Our financing is merely a bridge loan that will allow the land owner to build their property, establish a payment history in Nicaragua, and reduce the risk factor for the Nicaraguan banks.  As TMS is considered a bridge loan their terms range between 8-12 percent (annually), interest only, and due in 2 years.  As a private mortgage company, TMS is constantly seeking Trust Deed investors to fund various projects throughout Nicaragua.  We pay our investors 6-10 percent annually secured by a First Trust Deed on real property.

TMS was founded by Eddy Marin-Ruiz who currently serves as the President and CEO of TMS.  Eddy was born in Nicaragua and migrated to California post the civil war that took place in Nicaragua in the late 1970s.  Eddy lived in Alta Mira during the war in a homemade bunker in the family’s living room.  Eddy clearly remembers the day the war ended; but, had no idea the impact and the journey that laid ahead of him.  Eddy’s parents feared that he would drafted in the military and sent him and his sister to live with family in California.

Eddy has served in the United States Marine Corps (active and reserve) for over 23 years and hold the rank of First Sergeant (E-8).  Eddy began a career in the real estate and mortgage industry in 1999 as a loan processor for his father’s mortgage brokerage in Los Angeles.  He later became licensed as a salesperson and subsequently a Broker.  Eddy has been involved in several real estate development projects as a principle or project manager.  Eddy served as the Vice President of Acquisition and Development for a large brokerage under Prudential California Realty from 2004-2007, following a leave of absence for a year activation.  In 2008, Eddy was called to Active Duty and deployed to Iraq.  Eddy returned to the mortgage industry in early 2010 as a mortgage broker and formed “The Mortgage Store”.  Eddy obtained a Mortgage Loan Originator (MLO) license in the State of California.  Eddy still holds an active Real Estate Broker License and an active MLO license in the State of California.

Eddy lived in California for over 34 years and returned to live in Nicaragua with his wife (Katina) and five children (Michaella, Alyssa, Breana, Kylie, and Eddy) and their support dog (Tess) last July.  Their oldest son (Jacob) is currently in his 2nd year in college and works as a snowboard instructor in Mammoth, California.  Eddy and Katina had absolutely no plans to move to Nicaragua in late 2013 as they were very involved in their church, community, and children’s schools.  During a visit to Nicaragua, it became clear to Eddy and Katina that they were being called to serve in Nicaragua.  Eddy realized the demand and need for financing in Nicaragua also.  Eddy understands that without financing, a national economy cannot grow.  TMS believes in the future of Nicaragua’s economy and was specifically formed to assist in the growth of the financial sector in Nicaragua.

When asked about what he misses about living in the United States, he will answer snow skiing and golfing.  Bottom line, we believe the Lord has us here in Nicaragua and we are very happy to be here.


Eddy Marin-Ruiz  President/CEO

Plaza Portas N° 17.

Villa Fontana, Managua, Nicaragua.

Office: +505 2270.0111

Mobile: +505 8445.8575

International: +951.834.8116

Skype: eddymarin33