Journey With Us to Granada Nicaragua

It has only been 18 days since my last post and I have learned so much!!

The most important thing my wife (Bev) and I have learned is that we can move our timetable up. I have given notice of early retirement to the company I work for and that date is August 28/15. Bev and I have already started to sell non essential items and sorting what we really need to take with us. We will sell our house in the spring or early summer. Our new plan is to be in Granada by early September 2015.

After receiving so much wonderful advice from the community on Expats of Granada, we have decided not to ship a container to Granada. We have decided to apply for residency as soon as we get there. Once that is accomplished we will arrange to airfreight 2 or 3 totes full of goods to us. Each tote measures 4ft x 4ft x 4ft, they are essentially caged cubes. One is for linens, towels, pillows and our “travelling” the world souvenirs. One tote will have all of our small appliances and good quality kitchen knives, tool box, herbs and spices (we have 2 boxes full already) surge protectors (10) quality ear plugs, and some family pictures. Small electronics will travel with us.

We have a trip scheduled where we arrive in Granada for the first couple of weeks of March 2015. We have scheduled appointments with a lawyer, a realtor and a contractor. Our mission after renting for a time is to figure out whether to buy, build, renovate and how many cordobas those options will take.

Okay, so Bev and I know we are moving to Granada Nicaragua next fall (9 months) the company that I work for knows, our fellow Nicas (at least the ones reading this) know, now it is time we tell our family and friends. I will tell you about the fallout of this revealing news in January.

Bev and I have 6 kids and their significant others, 10 grandchildren and numerous extended family and friends. I am sure we will experience everything from we are crazy to we are stupid to genuine support, but whatever it is get over it cause we are going!! Our desire to move to Nicaragua is a genuine one that we want to experience another way of life, immerse ourselves in another culture. We only get to have one life to live!

We don’t want to live with the usual daily grind. Nothing states that we have to move to a different country at this point In our lives… It is merely a strong desire.
We do sincerely look forward to meeting you all in March 2015

Kindest Regards,
Brad and Bev Andersen
Nica Wanna Bees