Our New Home – Week 18 Final

The fat lady has sung the last aria! The house is essentially completed though there are a few punch items to be changed and Amy is negotiating for more shelves in the kitchen cabinets. So no more progress reports after this. We are packing and starting to move the larger items to the new home.

We are very pleased with the home and could not be happier with the builder. We hope some of you will consider becoming neighbors soon to create a small community. In that way we could share the costs of the maid and cuidador. If you have large speakers on your vehicle please stay in Granada.

Many of you have asked for the the name of the builder who is Marco Zavala who speaks some English but his wife speaks perfect English.

Marco Zavala     mzavalah@gmail.com     8882-3560   For English Maria del Socorro  mariazavalaoh@yahoo.com  8875-4721

There are many good builders in the area but we do highly recommend Marco for building a quality home at a reasonable price. He will provide a contract to the penny of building the home and even provide the schedules for payments and completion dates. Our schedule was 16 weeks and completed in 18 weeks but we did make changes and added items. Marco and Maria were wonderful to work with and had many great ideas for improvements. Their work foreman was always helpful in anything we needed.

If you missed the previous weekly posts on the building progress you can go to:

https://expatguidenicaragua.com/building-home-granada/  which explains the beginning then there is a weekly progress report.

Pictures for this week:

Week 18 (8)

Finishing the kitchen cabinets.

Week 18 (13)

The finished shower walls. Rather large but no more shower curtains.

Week 18 (9)

Working on the kitchen cabinets.

Week 18 (33)

The bathroom cabinetry.

Week 18 (34)

Master bedroom wall. We had individual reading spots put in to allow one of us to read without disturbing the other.

Week 18 (32)

Another view of the shower area. Glass blocks separate it from the toilet area. Windows in every shower.

Week 18 (31)

Bamboo sconces along the staircase.

Week 18 (3)

We liked the security ironwork design so much we decided to also use it along side the staircase.

Week 18 (29)

Another view of the downstairs bathroom vanity. So many drawers for the four items I use in a bathroom. It won’t be enough drawers for Amy’s various chemicals, cleansers. anti-aging elixirs, hair care products, etc.

Week 18 (28)

Shower anti-slip floor tile.

Week 18 (25)

Amy asked for an additional cabinet under the bar.

Week 18 (23)

Sala with sconces and fan lights installed.

Week 18 (24)

This is the end of the bar. We expected a concrete pillar but builder designed a beautiful wooden pedestal.

Week 18 (21)

Kitchen cabinetry and double sink installed.

Week 18 (22)

Corridor with sconces.

Week 18 (2)

Instant hot water heater installed.

Week 18 (17)

Finished garage ceiling.

Week 18 (15)

George and Gracie waiting to visit new house.

Week 18 (1)

Finished second floor roof with gutters installed. I did not want gutters but I was pressured to do it. Tee-pees don’t have gutters, log cabins did not have gutters, southern colonial homes did not have gutters but we had to have them.

Week 18 (10)

Finishing the doors.



Week 18 (6)

We found antique mirrors at the Antiquario on Atravesada to use with our vanities.

Week 18 (5)

Installed toilet. Our first experience with the European type with button on top.

Week 18 (35)

Finished portones on upstairs patio door.