Our New Home – Week 17

We are now at the point of installing cabinets, lights, fans and other details. In fact, next Wednesday we will do the punch list. Most of the internal and external painting is done. While I do not understand the colors Amy selected, it looks pretty good. Starting to pack our stuff for the move. One week to go.

Let the photos show the story.


Week 17 09

Finished shower walls with non-skid floors.

Week 17 63

Cabinets being installed, cement counter top in place and back splash.

Week 17 62

Corner view of kitchen. Open on right is Amy’s work desk with view of Mombacho.

Week 17 60

Front of kitchen is an open bar. We expected a concrete column but the builder surprised us again by putting a beautiful wood column. Love this builder.

Week 17 53

View down the corridor towards the front door. We have asked for 3-4 foot bar extensions on fans making them about eight feet high. Greatly improves air flow.

Week 17 54

This is where Amy’s desk work space will be in the kitchen.

Week 17 51

A real toilet in place. Also shows glass blocks in place separating the shower area.

Week 17 49

Sliding glass doors in place on upper patio.

Week 17 50

Glass blocks being put in place. It would be kind of sexy if we were younger.

Week 17 48

First floor bathroom sink in place with lights.

Week 17 46

Ceiling light fan in place but we are requesting longer rods.

Week 17 47

Corridor light fan in place. Needs longer rod.

Week 17 44

Closeup of concrete counter top.

Week 17 43

Internal window to bathroom to increase air flow.

Week 17 40

Finishing up glass blocks.

Week 17 38

Gutters in place, windows are all in place behind security ironwork. Note accent colors on window ledges.

Week 17 37

Garage doors in place and painted. Cement elevation in place.

Week 17 33

Area for pool pump and filter. Amy will need to paint it to avoid looking like a tombstone.

Week 17 30

Pool completed.

Week 17 23

Closeup of kitchen back splash with kitchen counter top.

Week 17 11

2nd floor bathroom counter top being installed.

Week 17 04

Counter top being buffed and sanded.

Week 17 05

Kitchen sink ready to be installed.

Week 17 61

Upper cabinets in place.

Week 17 56

Fountain completed. Should be big enough for pelicans.

Week 17 57

Roof extensions over garage completed.

Week 17 28

The front cedar double doors are in place.

Week 17 24

The door to the garage.