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Good Morning Nicaragua

We are in a very quiet part of the year. In fact, at least for Granada, this is one of the slowest times we have seen in a few years. Personally, I think it is due to all the headline news about earthquakes a few months ago. People make their vacation plans months in advance and all the bad press scared away some tourists.

Still, a good omen was the full circle rainbow which appeared over Granada this past week. A dark circle first appeared around the sun then expanded to become a rainbow. Luckily I was able to catch it in the above photo though a few telephone lines got in the way. How many rainbows without end have you seen?

Three weeks before our new home is supposed to be completed so we are starting to pack things into three piles: items we take with us, things we leave behind for the new owners and those items to be destroyed, given away or sold. There are many things I don’t know what to do with them. For example, I have hundreds of original CD music disks but who listens to CDs anymore? I can’t bring myself to throw them in the trash but hate to move them to the new home only to sit on the shelf for years. I guess it is similar to problems people have that have been married several times. Do you keep the photos of the first wife?

Well, we will sort through everything and see what we take.

Our New Home – Week 13

According to the schedule, our new home will be completed in three weeks. Here is the progress in the 13th week.

Registering Firearms in Nicaragua

By Paul Tiffer – Edited by Darrell Bushnell

I was invited to write about this topic, please be aware this is a guide about this topic but the procedure can change from one police station to another.

First of all any foreign person who wants to buy a gun and obtain a license – which is mandatory – it is imperative to be a legal resident in Nicaragua. I would say you must be a resident for five years because this is the validation period of the gun license or “Licencia de Arma de Fuego” or just call a “portación”. For example, you may be denied a permit if you are on a one year residency or near the expiration of your present residency.

Read the whole article:

DB – Timely article since I have been wrestling with the idea of purchasing a gun when we move to the country. An article on my thought process next week.

Dear All of Granada
I will be harvesting organic and amazingly sweet rosa and yellow mangos from my Finca on Monday. You may purchase them at Casa Jardin, on La Libertad, near the Englesia de Guadelupe, on Monday afternoon after 3:. Pls. bring your own bolsa and all proceeds of the mango sale benefit International PEACE Projects’ clean water programs. 100 cords for 10 mangos.

We have also made mango salsa. Bring a jar if you would like to take it home and try some!

Leslie Warren   [email protected]

Hotel Dario

Each Friday evening beginning at seven and continuing into the night, our gorgeous Hotel Dario Calzada offers a generous dose of traditional Nicaraguan music and dance in their lovely courtyard. The seven piece band is stellar and the traditional dancer are always enchanting. It’s free! 

El Castillo: Río San Juan, Nicaragua

It’s always exciting for us to explore a region of Nicaragua we’ve never visited before. Elisha’s parents were visiting from the East Coast of Canada. It was their forth visit to Nicaragua and they were excited to embark on a new adventure. Word of a newly paved road to the Río San Juan was enough […]

Read the whole story:

DB- One of my favorite areas of Nicaragua is the Rio San Juan. Hasn’t changed much over the last ten years.

By Dr. Jerry Lee Hoover N.D.

Now that the rainy season has started here in Nicaragua we have an abundance of mosquitoes which like to make our lives uncomfortable. In this article I will be sharing some important information on how to help one be less attracted to the mosquito.

By protecting yourself from mosquito bites you also lessen your chances of contracting several mosquito-borne illnesses, such as encephalitis, yellow fever, malaria, West Nile virus, or dengue which is the main one found here in Nicaragua and in Central America. Between one and two million people worldwide die each year from mosquito-borne illnesses, the most common being malaria.

Read the whole article:


Sponsored by: Evans Purina 

Date: Saturday, September 6, 2014     9:00-12:00
Where: Parque Sandino, beside the actual train station building
What: Games, contests, consults, demonstrations. All about best practices for taking care of a dog or cat.  (Prizes sponsored by Evans Purina)

All organizations/individuals are invited to contact Lucy Bartlett about setting up a table, giving demonstrations, fundraising, in the name of the well-being of cats and dogs in the Granada area.

Everyone and your dog/cat welcome.
MINSA will be there giving rabies shots.
Special BIG DISCOUNTS on high quality food, cat and dog–purchases only at the event
(but food can be delivered to your homes for free)
Games, contests, music, consult tables, face painting– lots of prizes
SPECIAL PERFORMANCE by Granada’s own Mime Theatre/School of Theatre.
Come join the fun, get your food orders placed at big savings, support the local community initiative, enjoy an outing with your pets.

Please contact: Lucy Bartlett ([email protected]/ 8 649 2404 Claro) if you would like to participate with your organization, volunteer at tables, recommend participants.

Thank you.  Lucy Bartlett

Kuero – A Nicaraguan Company
Making a Difference

This article allows you to meet Ana Alexandra Velazquez of KUERO, a luxury handbag and accessory retailer from Nicaragua. KUERO, a company she founded in 2005, is committed to expanding this radiance to 1000’s of woman around the globe through their luxury line of handbags and accessories that are both stunning in their design and socially concious from the ground up through their involvement in furthering women’s stand both economically and politically in Nicaragua.

DB – It is always good to hear about a Nica company doing well and the owner makes an effort to hire disadvantaged women such as those that have been abused.

Meet and Greet

The Granada Meet and Greet and Mi Museo, Granada which contains over 5,000 Nicaraguan pre-Columbian ceramic pieces during the period 2000/AC and 1550 B.C is pleased to invite you to a guided tour of the museum and a talk on Nicaraguan cultural rescue lead by renowned archaeologist from Masaya Oscar Danilo Pavón.

Date:  Friday, September 12, 2014 Time: 4:00pm-6:00pm

Place: Mi Museo, Atravesada Street, House #505, In front of Bancentro

Melissa B. Lombardo    [email protected]

How About Some Serious Spanish

Advanced Grammar Spanish is offered every Tuesday, 12:45 – 3 p.m. at UAM (in 
Camino de Oriente, Managua). It begins Sept. 2nd and will run for one semester (16 weeks). This is an academic program (all language skills are emphasized and there will be assignments) and costs $320 for 48 hours of class.  

Please contact International Programs if you are interested.
2278-3800  Ext. 5500

Puedo Leer’s 8th Anniversary

We had our 8th anniversary party for the children last Saturday. Not sure but around 80 kids. A lot more this year since the children of our Pancasan library came also. Sack races, poetry contest, mask contest and the sidewalk art contest.

Want to see some pictures of happy kids?

Need a Car and Driver?

Greetings! I’d like to humbly offer my transportation services. Car and Driver per day $55.
My name is Ronald and I work at:
I am at your service please contact me for prices.  Managua
Best regards,
Ronald Lechado 
Claro 8917-2649
Movistar 7881-2011

Martinis, Music and Manicure

I would like to invite all of the ladies to Piratas Restaurant and Discoteque for Wednesdays of Music, Martinis and Manicure from 5 to 8:00 p.m. All of this for only C$100.00.

I went to see how it was, and I was surprised, after the ladies finished their martinis and manicures, they took to the dance floor and had a ball. So did I, watching everyone having fun. Piratas is located in front of Hotel Seminole, one block from the Princess Hilton Hotel in Managua.

Nica Nuggets Reader

Great SUV For Sale in Granada

1998 Isuzu Rodeo, 4 cyl, 5 spd manual, gasoline. Lots of preventative maintenance and it really runs great!  Drove from Granada to Panama and back with no problems.
New thermostat, new shocks, new upper and lower radiator hoses, A/C, AM/FM radio/CD player, new battery, new spark plugs and ignition wires, new fuel pump.  This car is ready for another trip.  Very dependable.

The price of $4,700 is the cheapest one on Encuenta24.

Joe G Jones   [email protected]

Dos excelentes artistas quienes nos invitan a vivir un espectáculo donde se unen música y acrobacia en un mismo escenario

¡Música, poesía y danza acrobática! Tres elementos que fusionados nos ofrece el espectáculo “Canciones Acrobáticas”, música de autor y danza acrobática a cargo del compositor Pablo Fernández y la bailarina acrobática Noelia Di Laura, artistas argentinos que se presentarán en  Ola Verde este Próximo Viernes  5 de Septiembre  2014 8:00 PM
El concierto forma parte de la gira Latinoamericana que recorrerá desde la Patagonia Argentina y Chilena, hasta México, Cuba y Venezuela, visita que incluye alrededor de 13 países donde ambos artistas presentarán su nuevo trabajo y un recorrido por los ocho anteriores discos del trovador.
¡No se la pierdan!
Consumo Minímo por Persona U$ 15.00

Our address is:
Ola Verde SA
Primera entrada de Las Colinas, 1 cuadra Arriba Managua
Tel: (505) 2276-2652 / (505) 8796-0526 • [email protected]

Join us October 1-29th, 2014 for our next 200 hour yoga teacher training in Nicaragua.

Through the daily practice of yoga, with a strong focus on foundational skills, and alignment techniques students will gain a broader understanding of how to practice and teach yoga in a sustainable way.

We provide a supportive learning environment in which each student is given personal guidance so that they can expand their yoga practice and develop teaching skills that they can utilized in any class style, level or venue.

Radiant Life Yoga School provides 200-hour Hatha Yoga training programs and continuing education intensives that meet and exceed the educational standards established by Yoga Alliance. The yoga certification programs are conducted by qualified and licensed yoga teacher trainers that support the diversity and integrity of the yoga tradition. All graduates of the teacher training program are able to register with Yoga Alliance as a Hatha Yoga Teacher at the 200 hour level (RYT200). Continuing education intensives are open to all RYT’s.

Lessons are designed to be encouraging and uplifting so that each student can make connections, gain insights into their own experience of the yoga practice and develop a true wisdom that they can later share with their own students.

Join us October 1-29th, 2014 at El Coco Loco Resort

[email protected]