Spanish Lesson 25

by George Wu
Online Spanish for Expats
Today Sharp Electronics just announced the discovery of gallium and arsenic in lieu of conventional solar PV material increasing its efficiency from present 33% to 60 percent. Yeah, almost double. Your Nica acculturation will more than double if you manage to use my preposition method to caramelize the Nicas, Granted, not all of you will jump on the bandwagon. However, those few who do will be amazed at the results.
Today, my course ends, meaning that when you see this last lesson, either you are in or out. For that purpose, I have translated my last batch and have prepared a compendious survey. I highly recommend that you email me direct.
111. Charles wonders what Mary is doing.
111. Carlos se pregunta que hace María.
112. Charles would write if he had more time
112. Carlos escribe si tiene más tiempo.
113. Charles would write every day.
113. Carlos escribe todos los dias.
114. We play chess.
114, Jugamos al ajedrez.
When it comes to playing sports use always al or a la although al is the guy as Jugamos al basketbol.
115. Charles approaches the school.
115. Carlos se acerca a la escuela.
Always pronounce two or three consecutive vowels distinctly except in the case of que or quien or alguien, etc. That ue is curtailed to eh, and those other words with ui is cut short as ih or ee.
116. Charles goes away from the city.
116. Carlos se aleja de la ciudad.
se aleja can be translated as gets away.
117. Charles seizes the capital.
117. Carlos se apodera de la capital.
se apodera can be translated as usurps which is what it is.
118. Charles takes advantage of the opportunity.
118. Carlos se aprovecha de la oportunidad.
You hear the word aprovecha all the time when they mean well ( like turning down a good meal). I did say that the Latinos are more diplomatic than we are.
119. Charles peers out of the window.
119. Carlos se asoma de la ventana.
María se asoma de la ventana too when you serenade her with a love song accompanied by guitar.
120. Little Charles is afraid of the light.
120. Carlito se asusta de la luz.
Here comes the survey with 1 as the worst and 5 as the best.
my course from January to June    1 2 3 4 5
your Spanish before enrollment      1 2 3 4 5
you have taken advantage of my course    1 2 3 4 5
if you are truly interested in furthering Spanish   1 2 3 4 5
Useful initial phrases:
My name is Carlos, what’s yours?
Yo me llamo Carlos, ?como te llamas tú?
Que tal.
How are you?
?Como estas?
If he or she is older than you, address him or her as usted, the polite you.
Yo estoy bien, gracias.
I’m well, thanks
If it’s temporay say Hasta luego.
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