Spanish Lesson 24

by George Wu
Online Spanish for Expats
Not all sentences contain prepositions as several ones require no Spanish prepositions. However, comparing against English, Spanish sentences needing less a preposition happen less often than English. Keep that in mind.
111. Charles wonders what Mary is doing.
111. Carlos se pregunta que María hace
Notice that they use se pregunta for wonders. That’s how they speak.
112. Charles would write if he had more time.
112. Carlos escribiria si tuviera más tiempo
True, you could use escribe and tiene in lieu of Spanish subjunctive verbs.
113. Charles would write every day.
113. Carlos escribe todos los días.
Yes, you could say escribe as they’d know what you’re talking about.
114. We play chess.
114, Jugamos al ajedrez.
115. Charles approaches the city.
115. Carlos se acerca de la ciudad.
116. Charles goes away from the city.
116, Carlos se aleja de la ciudad.
117. Charles seizes the capital.
117. Carlos se apodera de la capital.
Se apodera is close to usurp, a nasty verb which fits the occasion
118. Charles takes advantage of the opportunity.
118. Carlos se aprovecha de la opportunity.
Se aprovecha is softer than take advantage, Yes, they are diplomatic.
119. Charles peers out of the window.
119. Carlos se asoma de la ventana.
120. Little Charles is afraid of the light.
120. Carlito se asusta de la luz.
121, Charles inform himself of his existence.
122. Charles enters the house.
123. Charles waits for a letter.
124. Charles notices the details.
Remember that Latinos do care about the details. Especially, when it comes to the opposite sex.
125. Charles enjoys good health.
126. Charles is interested in Nica culture.
Culture is just as important as language.
127. Charles plays basketball.
Yes Spanish prepositions as playing chess.
128. Charles arrives in Granada.
129. Charles looks at a picture.
130. Charles leaves Granada.

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