Spanish Lesson 23

by George Wu
Online Spanish for Expats
Not only is Spanish expressive but also goes for add-ons or prosthesis becomes popular in the sense that English speakers don’t bother but Spanish people do. What am I talking about? The word scene becomes escena just as the word spectacle becomes espectáculo, in other words, they make pronunciation easier. Bless their souls. On the other hand, their prepositions do not follow their rules. Now you see why an expat who uses the right preposition is loved by the natives.
111. Charles wonders what Mary is doing.
111. Carlos se pregunta que hace Mara.
They don’t wonder but they ask themselves. I agree that both makes sense.
112. Charles would write if he had time.
112. Carlos escribiría si tuviera tiempo. I know that they love to use subjunctive verbs, but if you say escribe and has would be OK for a loving foreigner.
113. Charles would write everyday.
113. Carlos escribiría todos los dias.
Every Friday becomes todos los viernes as they do not pluralize week days but do days.
114. Charles plays chess.
114. Carlos juega al ajedrez.
We don’t use a preposition for that but they do.
115. Charles approaches the school.
115. Carlos se acerca a la escuela.
116. Cralos goes away from the city.
116. Carlos se aleja de la ciudad.
Spanish is more precise as they use se aleja or keeps more distance. Don’t ask me why.
117. Charles seizes the capital.
117. Carlos se apodera de la capital.
Se apodera implies the guy helps himself or he empowers’ I believe they are more explicit, diplomatically.
118.  Charles takes advantage of the opporrtunity
118. Carlos se aprovecha de la oportunidad.
Se aprovecha is definitely more diplomatic that takes advantage. Nicas don’t want to end up with the short end of the stick. They get furious.
119. Charles peers out of the window.
119. Carlos se asoma de la ventana.
Chinese use less prepositions. Westerners don’t.
120. Little Charles is afraid of the light.
120. Carlito se asusta de la luz.
The book says light but I’d use dark or darkness. 
121. Charles looks for a hotel.
122. Charles marries a young lady.
123. Nicaragua is composed of provinces.
124. Charles trusts his friends.
125. The book consists of various chapters.
126. Charles counts on her help.
127. Charles takes care of the animals.
128. Charles depends on the person.
129. Charles takes leave of the family.
130. Charles goes toward the school.

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