Unique Car For Sale

My car is going on bid now.  I paid $10,000. To buy a brand new one today, you’d spend between $17 and $18,000.00.  This rare car will retain value. You can let the bidding begin.  The awarded bid will be agreed to between my son, Brandon, and Jennifer.  You will C.C. email your bid to both Jennifer Jurgens at [email protected] and Brandon Bliss at [email protected].  Only serious inquiries please.  You have a choice of arranging an appointment with Jennifer to view the car or take your chances and maybe connect with the housekeeper in front of the house between 10 and 1, weekdays.  The info for the Mechanic is here but also know that they have voiced an interest in bidding. The Son, Jose Reyes 8380 2828, speaks English.

For more information: google

Scartt500CC or go to link http://vmoto.com

I love my Scartt. I bought it in Costa Rica and found a great mechanic that had the Scartt Humming all the way over… A few times. Once I was here finding the right mechanic was not as easy. Now, I have a Father and Son in Nindiri that head the volunteer fire dept., there and they keep my car in great shape… Believe me… Not just any mechanic has a knack for this vehicle. They work on other off roads and Polaris. Also they have sent a trailer to collect the car when I did not want to drive it to the shop and charged $20. The father has also made a couple of house calls for me.

A normal car is nice… You get there faster, and have doors that lock. With the Scartt…. The going FUN! This is an adult toy, that will excite you each time you climb in … that turns heads and brings smiles to children along the way at a low cost.

The car is registered and liscensed in Nicaragua as a Motorcycle. Several folks have requested to purchase it from me over the years. Now it is your time to bid. Jennifer will allow the auction time to stay open so all interested parties have time to hear about the auction and submit the appropriate bid.