Spanish Lesson 22

by George Wu

Online Spanish for Expats
Yes, Spanish happens to be a most expressive language and it rubs off to culture. All expats know that but only a few capitalize on that. How? Start out with their prepositions expressing their right sentiment and they will love it calling you speaking “hermoso español” with admiration.
101. We play chess
101. Jugamos al ajedrez
We never use a preposition but they do and that’s why all sports come with a contracted preposition of al which represents a+el or al such as basketball Jugamos al basquetbol.
102. Charles approaches the school.
102, Carlos se acerca a la escuela.
If it’s self action. use se such as se arrepienta or he repents. Doesn’t repentence come from within?
103. Charles goes away from the city.
103. Carlos se aleja de la ciudad.
104. Charles seizes the capital.
104. Carlos se apoderó de la capital.
I would have used King Carlos.
105. Charles takes advantage of the opportunity.
105. Carlos se aprovecha de la opportunity.
106. Charles peers out of the window.
106. Carlos se asoma de la ventana.
107. Little Charles is afraid of the light.
107. Carlito se asusta de la luz.
108. Charles looks for a hotel.
108. Carlos busca un hotel.
Looks for stands for buscar which literally means to find.
109. Mary changes her clothes.
109. María cambia sus vestidos.
Remember that Spanish adjectives take into consideration the number, we don’t.
110.Charles marries a young lady.
110. Carlos se casa con una señorita.
Getting married is always self and with con. Señoritas aren’t always young.
111. Nicaragua is composed of provinces.
112. Charles trusts his friends.
113. This book consists of several chapters.
114. I can count on his help.
115. Mount Fuji is covered with snow.
116. Charles does not depend on the person.
117. Charles says goodbye to the family.
118. Charles goes toward the school.
119. Charles informs oneself of the existence of Mary.
120. Charles enters the house.
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