Spanish Lesson 21

by George Wu

Online Spanish for Expats
As I had mentioned before, you learn more by doing your homework and find out about the NICA way later. Yes, I’ve done it with 100 sentences and now I’ve changed my tactic to aid you further.
101. Charles does not have enough time,
101. Carlos no tiene suficiente tiempo.
102, Charles calls three tines.
102. Carlos llama tres veces.
If it’s just once, say vez with a z.
103. What time is it?
103. ¿Qué hora es?
It’s a simple question that is used over and over again. So, remember it well
104. Charles goes to the store.
104. Carlos va a la tienda.
If it’s you, say Yo voy..
105. Charles has a good tine.
105. Carlos se divierte.
It’s radically different as Nicas use se diviere or enjoys himself but never un buen tiempo.
106. Charles takes his vacation in June.
106. Carlos toma sus vacaciones en junio.
Again it’s totally different. Nica says vacaciones plural whereas we use single or vacation.
107. Charles waits for the letter.
107. Carlos espera la letra.
108. Charles does not want Mary to leave,
108. Carlos no quiere María que salga
Yes, you could use present or sale in lieu of the correct sunjunctive salga.
109. Charles is with Mary.
109. Carlos está con María.
110. The mountain is covered with snow.
110. La montana esta cubierta de nieve.
111. Charles wonders what María is doing.
112. Charles would write if he had more time.
113. Charles would write daily.
114. Charles plays chess.
115. Charles approaches the school.
116. Charles goes away from the city.
117. Charles seizes the capital.
118. Charles takes advantage of the opportunity.
119. Charles peers out of the window
120. Little Charles is afraid of the light.
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