Spanish Lesson 20

Spanish Lesson 20
by George Wu
Online Spanish for Expats
How times flies for all of us. Indeed, we are approaching the end of my course in June and hope you students are getting the essence of the course. Starting in June, I’ll present to you more Spanish prepositions but handled differently. How? You will see select Spanish prepositions with phrases to dominate the most easily learned simple sentences every week plus a list of new ones to be translated.
81. Carlos pasa por delante de la casa.
82. Carlos juega al fútbol y al ajedrez.
Notice that a Spanish preposition is invariably used before the game.
83. Carlos toca la guitarra.
I have been playing the Spanish guitar for many decades and will be happy to teach you in Granada.
84. Carlos se parece a su madre
Parecer is a regular verb; however, by adding se it changes the meaning totally.
85. Carlos regresa a Granada.
86. Carlos devuelve el dinero.
Although volver means return as well but by adding the prefix de the meaning alters entirely.
87. Carlos duerme porque está cansado.
Estar and ser depend on the timing. Suffices to say that estar is temporary or at this time. True, we don’t differentiate in English but In Chinese it’s even better understood without using “it” at all
88. Carlos duerme desde ayer.
That’s Chinese which obviates the perfect sense.
89. Carlos está sentado en una silla.
He is NOW seated but later who knows.
90. Carlos se sienta.
Not siente but sienta with se. The previous term means has to do with feeling.
91. Carlos gasta mucho dinero.
92. Carlos pasa un mes en Granada.
93. Carlos toma un lapiz de la mesa.
94. Carlos lleva a María al baile.
Don’t use tomar, It’s not only rude but non-Latino.
 95. Carlos sigue un curso.
You could use tomar.
96. Carlos da un paseo.
Spanish is more sentimental than English.
97. Carlos cuenta una historia.
Use contar never decir.
98. Carlos habla de su viaje.
99. Carlos piensa en María
Not de but en. Remember you are in Nicaragua.
100. ¿Qué le parece a Carlos el libro?
Here the verb parecer preceded by a pronoun means think or appeal.
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