ANID Becoming Active Again

ANID is the Association of Nicaraguan Investors and Developers which is an NGO that works with investors and developers in Nicaragua. Their priority is to inform all members of relevant issues as well as updating them on all pertinent legal matters. Some of this information is not easy to come by, which is why they encourage membership and subscription to our newsflash.

As an organization, they keep an keen eye on all market trends/concerns, and lobby efforts accordingly. They collaborate with embassies, CANATUR, COSEP, the National Assembly, as well as individual investors.

As members, they ask that you continue to share your feedback with them, so that they can work on your issues.

Dear Reader,

In an effort to keep all members of ANID up to date on any issues that affect their interests, we put together a Newsflash. Our current issue provides updates on legal concerns that we’ve become involved in. We will continue to keep you in the loop of any and all relevant information.

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