Spanish Lesson 18

by George Wu
Online Spanish fir Expats
Some of you have tested my method with Nicas, so what have you found out?  Using the CORRECT preposition in your chat paves the way to better Spanish. More than that…. Those who use the right preposition like the natives are way ahead of the game. So the thing to do is simply use the preposition they would use.
61. Charles laughs at Mary.
62 Charles leaves the school.
63. Charles leaves the pencil on the desk.
64. Charles looks at the flowers.
65. Charles looks for a book.
66. Charles loves Mary.
67. Charles is in love with Mary.
68. Charles falls in love with Mary.
69. Charles gets married.
70. Charles marries Mary.
71. Charles is married.
72. Charles is married to Mary.
73. What does “despacio” mean?
74. Charles has to work.
75. Charles must study a great deal.
76. Charles ought to study more.
77. What is Charles’ last name?
78. I know a boy named Charles.
79. The next morning Charles left.
80. Next week Charles will leave.

George Wu