World Vets in Granada

World Vets Veterinary Training Center

Granada, Nicaragua

World Vets, a US based and registered non-profit, was founded in 2006. Our mission is to improve the health and well being of animals by providing veterinary aid and training in developing countries and by providing disaster relief worldwide.

At the core of World Vets’ values is the belief that all animals deserve kindness and compassion. Even though our programs often focus on improving the lives of large populations of animals on a global-scale, we never lose sight of how critically important it is to provide a profound level of kindness and excellent care to each individual animal.

Simply put, World Vets exists to improve the lives of animals worldwide. One of the main ways we do this is through our veterinary field service projects which deploy teams of volunteer veterinarians all over the world to provide free direct veterinary aid. Other program service activities include participation on two US Navy led humanitarian aid missions, training and capacity building as well as a veterinary supply donation program.

World Vets has been working in Nicaragua since 2009 where we have been providing free veterinary services for both small animals and horses in the city of Granada as well as San Juan del Sur. Additionally, at the end of 2011, we held a grand opening for our veterinary training center, located in Granada, which is sponsored in part by the Brigitte Bardot Foundation of Paris, France.

World Vets Veterinary Training Center, located on Calle Santa Lucia, is equipped with modern equipment such as gas anesthesia, central oxygen, pulse oximeters and fluid pumps. This center operates as a year round teaching facility providing high quality instruction in surgical techniques as well as safe anesthesia and pain management.

More specifically, this center provides free surgical instruction (in Spanish) to Nicaraguan veterinarians and veterinary students in relation to how to perform spay/neuter surgery. In the near future, we hope to include veterinary professionals from other Latin America countries in these training sessions. In general, Spanish language training sessions typically run Monday – Wednesday each week.

Another program which is operated out of this facility is our International Veterinary Medicine (IVM) Program. This program is for international students who wish to gain clinical and practical experience as well as immersion into the field of international veterinary medicine. This program runs for a few consecutive weeks out of the year.

It is important to note that the training center is not operated as a veterinary clinic and consequently does not hold open clinic hours.   All surgeries are performed on community animals that are in need of sterilization whose owners cannot afford the operation.

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