Exercise With Your Dog

Top 10 Fun Reasons to Exercise With Your Dog

You know it’s good for you. You know exercising increases energy, strengthens muscle, keeps joints limber and weight down, helps you live longer and simply improves overall health. But, sometimes our motivation to exercise is low.  This is why most of us have workout partners, right? To encourage us, to inspire us, to provoke us to push ourselves to the limit.  But what happens when that workout partner cancels last minute? Or would prefer a leisurely stroll on the treadmill reading US Weekly rather than a vigorous run? According to Tyson Kilmer, dog trainer and exercise guru, daily exercise not only benefits you and your pooch physically – but mentally as well.  “There are different types of fitness for animals and humans. Some things exercise the body, others exercise the mind.” One example he offered is when he leaves his dog outside of a coffee shop while he pops in for a steaming cup of the brew. The patience his canine must then exhibit is a good example of this mental exercise.

We, at Animal Fair, encourage you to lace up your tennis shoes and grab that leash and go! Here are our top ten reasons to exercise with your dog!

1. Your dog will never be late for a workout!  The stress of running late is not good for your blood pressure. But your dog has no schedule to keep. No appointment is too important to miss and no canine will chastise you for your tardiness! Just make sure know what kind of large breed dog foods are good for loads of running and exercise, not all foods are equal.

Matthew McConaughey stays in shape running on the beach with with his dogMatthew McConaughey stays inshape running on the beach with with his dog

DB – Personally I think Matthew is an idiot but at least he likes dogs.

2. You won’t feel like a heffer if your pup sheds the pounds faster than you do. Though we may not like to admit it, there’s always a level of competition between friends who train together.  Working out with your dog eliminates this unnecessary rivalry! And if for some reason, you are jealous of your puppy’s weight loss – perhaps you should trade your dog in. For a therapist.

3. Your dog doesn’t care if you’re wearing Diane Von Furstenburg or your college sweats. Nor does your mutt care about your garlic breath or the fact that you finished that tuna salad for lunch—but in return, you can’t complain when that liver-breath tongue glides across your cheek!

4. Your dog will appreciate not having to pant alone. Building up a sweat during your fitness routine is definitely a good thing!  Just make sure that you don’t overdo it.  Remember, that for every step you take, your canine is taking two to three! Have plenty of water available and avoid working out during those times of day when heat and humidity are at its worst.

5. Your dog won’t waste precious fitness time chatting about the latest gossip.  But, remember to take frequent breaks to allow your pup time to rest!

6.  You won’t have to wait for your pooch to change into exercise gear, tennis shoes, or put on make up.  Don’t you wish you could run naked?  (Though we don’t recommend it!)

7.  How many of your current exercise partners will cuddle with your sweaty behind after a vigorous work out?  “Affection is an important piece of the pie to having a healthy animal,” says Tyson Kilmer. “Exercise alone does not create a healthy animal.” And the same goes for people! We think you’ll find that your canine-human bond will be even closer than before.

8. On a jog, your dog will vary the pace for you, maximizing your cardio workout. And if there is a rabbit in sight, even better! Hello, turbo-speed!

9. You won’t have to worry about separation anxiety if you take your dog with you! Imagine – no more scratched doors or complaining neighbors!  When you perform canine calisthenics daily, negative energy will be much lower. And when you head to work later that morning, your dog won’t feel abandoned after having spent quality time with you!

10.  If you lose weight then you can land a man and then he can take the dog for a run! Or more realistically, you can all exercise together like one happy, fit family!

Remember – having a dog is a privilege, not a right. And health and fitness is a necessity to keeping your pooch healthy and tail-waggingly happy. Your pet needs exercise daily, just like you…and it’s your job to initiate it!

Quoted from an article published on http://animalfair.com